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Mighty Merino

Mighty Merino is a 100% merino superwash powerhouse for the softer things in life.
This yarn knits up perfectly for garments and other next-to-skin soft items.
This version replaces our previous Mighty Merino base and has the same characteristics.
It takes the dye very vividly, is soft, smooth and a delight to work with.

Fiber contents: 100% extra fine superwash merino
Weight per skein: 100 grams / 3,5 oz
Running Length: 400 meters / 437 yards
Yarn Type: Fingering
Threads: 4-ply spun

We advise against knitting socks with this yarn. While a merino yarn consisting of 4 plies can be used to knit socks, they will wear out faster than sock yarns with added nylon, silk, tencel or sturdier wool types in general like BFL.

Mighty Merino (4)

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