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Gwent - Silky Sparkle Lace

Gwent - Silky Sparkle Lace

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A short gradient going from light green to aqua and ending in a beautiful deep blue. Gwent reminds us of the logo for the popular card game in the Witcher 3.

This beautiful non-superwash yarn is smooth, drapey and has a velvety soft texture.
Thanks to the added Gold Stellina, it sparkles like no other. Next to stellina, this base has a silk content that makes it a strong and durable yarn, with a deep luster.

For this update we are celebrating that Jack joined the company a year ago. We're doing that by naming most of our one of a kind colorways after the one thing that brought us together: The Witcher video games.

So get ready for some easily spotted —and some obscure— references and celebrate Jack's one year anniversary with us!

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