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Terror Cotta - Hand Dyed Embroidery Thread

39,00 kr

After Aiden picked up embroidery again (aka: after Aiden got a huge magnifying glass with an LED light), we decided to conjure up a batch of hand dyed embroidery threads.

Fiber Contents: 55% Superwash Bluefaced Leicester | 45% Silk
Running length per skein: ~24 meters | ~26 yards
Weight & Plies: Lace Weight, 2-ply

The silk makes for a sturdy thread, adding an amazing shine to the floss. Bluefaced Leicester is durable and can withstand use.

This thread is perfect for (traditional) embroidery, cross stitching, sashiko, visible mending, small macramé projects, tatting and bracelet weaving.

Every skein in one colorway is from one and the same dyebath. These skeins of embroidery thread are hand dyed. Unlike solid, commercially dyed embroidery threads, you will find variations in every skein.