Punch Needle Fabric Glue - 250 gr.-Tools-Undercover Otter
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Punch Needle Fabric Glue - 250 gr.

83,00 kr

Join Michael and Jason in feeling the joy of stabbing something over and over until it's beautiful!

With this 250 gram jar of textile glue, specifically made for Punch Needle projects, you can secure your loops and threads in place on the backside of your projects.

The Rico Punch Needle Fabric Glue is easy to apply with a brush and can be used to secure punch needle projects or to attach small embellishments, such as bows, labels, and buttons.

The glue dries up transparent in 1 to 2 hours.

Needle punching is an easy and unique technique that can be applied to loose woven fabrics (preferably canvas and cotton textiles). You can create a 3-dimensional embroidery design with the Needle Punch, decorating a wide range of items like pillows, bags, wall hangings, figurines, and many more.

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