In 2011 Aiden started hand dyeing yarn. Initially for themselves and as their skills improved and methods got more refined, they started to get custom orders. Since Aiden's motto is that everything worth doing, is worth doing right, they took the plunge and started their own business hand dyeing and blending yarn and fibers; Undercover Otter.

Undercover Otter yarns have been featured at Vogue Knitting Live in New York, Edinburgh Yarn Festival in Scotland, Oslo Strikkefestival in Norway and Woollinn Yarn Festival in Ireland.

We are currently expanding our wholesale portfolio with retail shops worldwide, after being exclusively available at Stephen & Penelope in Amsterdam.


Bright saturated colors and strange names characterize our yarns. When dyeing we experiment with different methods to get the effect we want a colorway to have. That means that the resulting colorways can have up to 6 layers of dye, in a multitude of techniques.

Our big love, next to fiber, is horror and science fiction. We link all our colorway names to those genres. Resulting in strangely named colorways like ‘Your Mother Darns Socks in Hell’.

We get our inspiration from classic horror movies, modern gore-fests and post-apocalyptic science fiction. We are not saying that all the movies, books, plays and music that inspire us are great. Some of them are stinkers. But we are suckers for terrible movies in which you see more red food coloring than actual acting.



We've got a small but sturdy team at Undercover Otter that has been dyeing yarn, making haberdasheries and designing contraptions since 2011.The company started with Aiden, Nix joined quickly to streamline some of the machinery needed to dye yarn and in 2020 Jack joined the team.


Undercover Otter is queer owned and operated.
We believe in, and support, your right to be you!
No matter who you are, where you live, what your heritage is, who you love, how your body is shaped, how you define your gender, or what your abilities are:

You. Are. Awesome.

We are united with our customers and employees in standing for what is right. We will acknowledge the truth. We will always strive to be better.

We expect our customers, employees, collaborators and business partners to be equally awesome to each other, and the world around them.

There is no room for hate at Undercover Otter.
Stay Awesome! (to each other)