Tax Free Shopping at Undercover Otter

by Aiden Sielias on March 28, 2019

Customers from outside the EU (United States, Canada, Japan, Australia, etc):

If you are shopping from outside of the European Economic Area (EEA) and we are shipping to you outside of the EEA, you will not pay any VAT at checkout.


Dutch and European Customers:

You will be charged VAT according to the VAT rate of your country. Read more about this here.

UK customers:

You will be charged 20% VAT upon checkout if your order total is under the £135 threshold. Orders over this threshold will be taxed once your order arrives in the UK. Read more about the UK VAT situation here.

Taxes and shipping are finalised once you get to the checkout page and enter your shipping address.

trailing cents

Having our configuration this way means that we work with prices excluding VAT in our backend.

For EU customers: the VAT is calculated over the entire order, and sometimes that leads to trailing cents being subtracted. We have adjusted our prices in favor of our customers.