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Kelpie - Fiber Blend

Kelpie - Fiber Blend

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A kelpie is a shape-shifting spirit inhabiting lochs in Scottish folklore. It is usually described as a horse-like creature, able to adopt human form. 

In this case it's a braid of delicious green tinted merino that you can shape-shift into any fiber related wonder you wish. It's up to you to spin, weave or felt with this beauty.

Fiber Contents:
  • 100% Merino

Fiber Blends Information:

Our fiber blends weigh 100 grams (3.5 oz) and are designed with spinners in mind.
We have selected color combinations and staple lengths for their ability to spin a soft and squishy thread.

You can prepare the fiber in the way you usually do: create rolags, card them into a batt (though this will blend the colors further!) or spin them as is. Aiden usually makes long strips from their fibers and spins them from the fold. 

Of course the blends are also suited to use in felting projects and chunky weaving.

These blends are non-superwash treated unless specifically stated otherwise. We advise you to hand wash finished objects with cold water only and to not agitate them too much while washing, or setting your spun yarn, unless you intend to felt.

Fiber blends come as loose lengths of roving in a box. We choose not to braid the fibers, so they have the most room to breathe. The braided images in this listing are as an example only. 


Our Fiber Blends come in a griplock bag by default. You can also choose to have your fiber blends shipped in a cardboard box with a cellulose acetate window.
For recycling the box: remove the window and put it with generic waste. It will decompose rapidly once it reaches the waste processing facility. The cardboard of the box can be recycled with normal paper and cardboard. 

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