🧟 ZOMBIE AWARENESS MONTH🧟 - The Battery (2012) - Undercover Otter

🧟 ZOMBIE AWARENESS MONTH🧟 - The Battery (2012)

Anyone who knows me, knows that if they ask me 'which movie should I watch' I will, without hesitation, name The Battery first. This micro-budget zombie movie (it was made with around $ 6000,-) is dear to my heart ever since I saw it, and met the makers during Imagine Film Festival in 2012.
The story revolves around Ben & Mickey, two former baseball players trying to survive after the zombie apocalypse. In this movie the zombies don't fill the bulk of the movie. The isolation and desperation of both Ben and Mickey does. With few words, beautiful images and great acting the cast and crew manages to put a film to screen that doesn't need to much frills to get the message across.
The cinematography is ace, dialogue is naturally delivered, the score is amazing and this is the only movie that manages to make me sit through 20 minutes of dread in a single scene.
It's available on Shudder right now, and it's well worth the watch. Or just buy it. Seriously, throw money at these dudes. They need to make more amazing films.
Zombie Type: Unclear, I suspect they're infected.
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