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Undercover Otter

Undercover Otter Gift Card

Undercover Otter Gift Card

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Can't make up your mind? Want to give your uncle a skein of yarn, but not sure which one they would like? We've got a solution right here for you.

You've guessed it; a digital Undercover Otter gift card. 

By ordering an Undercover Otter gift card you will recieve a code by email that can be used by your giftee upon checkout.

NOTE: All checkouts in our shop are handled in Euros. The value of our gift cards are always in Euros. If you are using our currency converter to see the prices in your native currency (ie you're browsing from the US and see USD), the prices for gift cards will look a bit funky due to the currency conversion.

Gift Cards are digital items and not eligible for refunds, nor can discount codes be used on them.

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