🧟 ZOMBIE AWARENESS MONTH 🧟 - Train to Busan (2016)⠀ - Undercover Otter

🧟 ZOMBIE AWARENESS MONTH 🧟 - Train to Busan (2016)⠀

This is one of the best zombie movies I've ever seen. If you're going to watch any of the movies that I'm throwing out there, this is one that deserves a sit down and a good watch.
In this South Korean movie, a divorced father and his daughter board the train to Busan, to visit the girl's mother. During the train ride disaster strikes and a zombie outbreak takes place and the father has to fight for his and his daughters life.
This may sound a bit like a zombie version of Snowpiercer, but it is so, so much more.  The acting is solid, the cinematography is beautiful and the story is amazing.

Zombie type: Infected

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