If there's anything I dislike (nay, HATE) it's counting. Somehow I missed that episode of Sesame street and now I'm forever stuck using coping mechanisms whenever I have to count something.

It's almost the end of the calendar year, which means, I inevitably do have to count my stock. And let's just say... I don't wanna!

So, help me out here and get rid of that stock for me. I'll make it worth your while with a 10% discount, and you can minimize the amount of tally marks I'm going to have to put on an assortment of post-its. Win-Win Situation really.

Use Discount Code: AidenHatesCounting upon checkout for the discount.

Terms and Conditions of this sale:

  • Eventide Fingering, Crites and Embroidery Thread are excluded from this offer;
  • Offer is valid on orders over €40,-;
  • Order is valid once per customer;
  • Offer expires at midnight on the 31st of December.
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