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Silicone Stitch Holder Cords- Set of 3 + 3 Locks

Silicone Stitch Holder Cords- Set of 3 + 3 Locks

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These flexible and colorful silicone stitch holder cords allow for easy transfer of stitches from 2mm to 8mm knitting needles and are available in 4 fun neon colors. 

The hollow silicone cords easily slide into the included locks, allowing you to continue knitting while your work is safely on hold.

You can also use these cords for a provisional cast on and effortlessly slip the needle tip into them and transfer them once it's time to start knitting with the stitches.

Say goodbye to picking up stitches from waste yarn!

Each set comes with:
- One 150cm silicone stitch holder cord;
- Two 75cm silicone stitch holder cords;
- Three locking toggles to keep everything secure.

If you want a different length on your cords, let us know and we'll get you sorted.

Every set is packaged in a cute resealable holographic ziploc bag, 

Note: For people with sensory issues: these silicone cords tend to smell a bit 'plasticy', like most silicone products, when you first open the package. This scent will dissipate in a while.


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