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NeverMoor is perfect for sturdy warm garments without sacrificing any comfort. It can be used in colorwork that needs to last a while and blooms into a beautiful soft and sturdy yarn after blocking. 

This amazing yarn base consists of 60% Exmoor Blueface (fleece from a crossbreed between Exmoor and a Bluefaced Leicester sheep) and gives the yarn strength and shine, 20% Corriedale adds softness, 10% Devon Zwartbles (which is originally a Dutch/Frisian sheep breed) adds a springy bounce and an amazing heathered look to the overall yarn. For extra security, and to make this yarn perfect for all your sock knitting needs, 10% nylon is added to round of this yarn base. ⁠

NeverMoor is sourced and milled by the lovely people over at John Arbon Textiles and I've fallen head over heels for it. If you are looking for solids to go with our hand dyed skeins, check out the Exmoor Sock section on the John Arbon website, since this is the same yarn base.⁠

Fiber contents: 60% Superwash Exmoor Blueface, 20% Corriedale, 10% Zwartbles, 10% Nylon
Weight per skein: 100 grams | 3,5 oz
Running Length: 400 meters | 437 yards
Yarn Weight: Fingering | Sock
Threads: 4-ply spun

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