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I (Aiden) have recently started to translate our website to Dutch (Nederlands).

This is still very much a work in progress and most of the pages and content of the site will be a bit lost in adaptation right now.

Mostly because 70% of the translations are done by google and I still have to review most of them. Next to that, translating the website costs time, a lot of time. Time that a one-person clown-circus like mine would rather spend dyeing actual yarn, instead of finding the right words to convey a message.

Though Dutch is my native tongue, when I started Undercover Otter, I decided to focus my sales beyond just the Netherlands, and opted for starting out internationally, with the use of English as the primary language.

I'll also admit that at this point, my English is better than my Dutch, making it the easiest language for me to communicate in.

In any case: The website is being translated, it may just take a little bit before it's all done.