Aran't you happy I did the math for you? - Undercover Otter

Aran't you happy I did the math for you?

New year, new projects, and I've already cast on 3 in the past week... 

I couldn't help myself and had to put some color combo's together for Stephen West's Monsieur Plastique pattern. And as soon as Mr. Otter saw these, and the pictures Stephen has been sharing of the finished product, Mr. Otter was all over me, insisting that he NEEDS to knit one of these.

Jump Scare Aran weighs 115 grams per skein and has a running length of 190 meters though, so I needed to recalculate how many skeins we'd need to wrap up his rad bod.⁠
⁠Stephen thankfully states the approximate meterage for his pattern. Making recalculating how much yarn we need for Mr. Otter super easy, barely an inconvenience! ⁠

⁠And since I had to run the numbers for him anyway, I decided to just go ahead and calculate them for all the sizes of the Monsieur Plastique pattern, if you knit it with Jump Scare Aran.⁠

You're welcome ;-)

Stay Awesome and on behalf of every one at Undercover Otter: Happy new Gregorian year!


In the end, Mr. Otter went for Uncle Fester as his main color and If It Bleeds as his Contrast Color. He's casting on tonight.

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