August Shop Update! - Undercover Otter

August Shop Update!

Hurray! An actual shop update! It's live right now, and it features oodles of Squirm Sock. 

Mostly I've been dyeing yarn, coming home from work, crashing on the sofa and obsessing over my new hyperfocus: the videogame Hades. I've always loved mythology, with my favorites being the Greek Cthonic gods and the Norwegian pantheon, so this game was right up my alley. It helps that the colors used are absolutely gorgeous and, that the achievements for the game were actually attainable (yes, I have 100%-ed the game for trophies. I still need to get some ingame stuff done, but in all, I'm almost done).

Anyway, I wouldn't be me if I didn't bother you lot with this newfound passion, so the entire update this month is themed around this videogame. You're welcome. 

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