Climate Positive Workforce! - Undercover Otter

Climate Positive Workforce!

Undercover Otter has joined Ecologi and we are now a Climate Positive Workforce! You may have already spotted the little Climate Positive Workforce image on the site in the past week.

Sounds cool right? But what does it mean? 
Ecologi calculates the carbon footprint of the lives of our employees, adds in all the business travel carbon emissions, and more than offset this by funding world leading climate change projects.

In addition to compensating for our employees carbon footprints, we are planting trees for every €10 you spend with us. At the point of me writing this, we have already added 57 trees to the Mangroves in Madagascar!

You can keep track of how many trees we've planted and how much CO2 has been compensated through our Ecologi profile page.

We choose Ecologi to do this, because we love the way they set up their company. Over 87% of the money they receive goes into funding projects that not only reforest the Madagascan Mangroves, but also invest in projects that empower local residents, provide jobs and are working towards equality in all senses of the word.

Stay Awesome, and stay safe!


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