🧟‍♂️ ZOMBIE AWARENESS MONTH 🧟‍♀️⁣  - The Rezort⁣ (2015) - Undercover Otter

🧟‍♂️ ZOMBIE AWARENESS MONTH 🧟‍♀️⁣ - The Rezort⁣ (2015)

This 2015 movie is a bit like a cross between Walking Dead and Jurassic Park.
In this movie we follow a group of people who are vacationing in a luxury resort.
It's one of those resorts where you can hunt the local wildlife, but instead of people being asshats and shooting rhino's, they're being asshats and are shooting zombified people...
See, this movie is taking place after a zombie outbreak and of course capitalism has run its course by monetizing a bad situation.
Zombie Type: Infected

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