Translation Information

Language Support

I (Aiden) have recently started to translate our website to Dutch (Nederlands), and from there, I've decided to add a number of languages to the website.

Just so you know: All of the supported language you can pick in the switcher, with the exception of English, are translated using Artificial Intelligence, via a plugin on Shopify.

It's ridiculous how good AI translation has become. Initially I was hesitant, since I remember those horrible google translated website from the early 00's. It's nothing like that anymore though, so I have chosen to apply basic AI translation to all non English languages.

The Dutch translation is a mash up of machine translated content and my edits. For all other languages: it's 100% AI baybee. 

This means that you might run into weird sentences, it happens and I can't guarantee all translations are correct. 

The only information we take responsibility for, is the text in the original English content.