🧟‍♂️ ZOMBIE AWARENESS MONTH 🧟‍♀️⁣  - Wicked Little Things (2006)⁣ - Undercover Otter

🧟‍♂️ ZOMBIE AWARENESS MONTH 🧟‍♀️⁣ - Wicked Little Things (2006)⁣

A recently widowed woman moves to a little village with her two kids. Of course they picked the wrong place, cause this little miner's village has a pack of roaming zombie children running around. ⁣
This movie manages to handle the thought of dead kids without going full gore with it (which would have been the easy choice) but in stead makes it a dark and dreary type of film.⁣

Our blue with neon speckles colorway 'Wicked Little Things' was made just after I saw this movie and I felt it fit the colorway perfectly. The blue is innocent and cute, the neons playful and bright. And combined they have a grimy dirty feel.⁣

Type of Zombie: Magic/Risen (it's never really explained in the movie)


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